Friday, May 11, 2012

Security Tip #6

6. Do not open attachments in emails, even from friends. Certain viruses can access someone's address book and copy the email addresses found there. Then they can send you email that looks exactly like it came from your Aunt Tilly using a technique called address spoofing. If you need someone to email you an attachment, make sure they tell you about it first or request it from them in advance.

For more security information visit Seniors Guide to Computers.


  1. Jeff, I think your advice is sound. However, I would add a caveat. That being, if a user is using Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live, or Windows Live Mail, AND, they have a good, up-to-date Internet security suite installed, that scans their incoming & outgoing messages, they could safely open messages and attachments. I believe that most of the spoofing schemes you're referring to involve web based e-mail systems, such as, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. I use Outlook 2010 and have Norton Internet Security 2012 installed and I open messages with total confidence.

  2. Possibly, but I would never recommend Outlook Express to anyone. Microsoft stopped supporting it years ago so there have been little, if any, security patches.

    Neither would I recommend any Norton or McAfee product because of how they hook into your system and are difficult to remove.

    I swear by NOD32.